Legacy data

- Access, retrieve and simplify your work with legacy archive data

With TECH-ARROW’s mycompanyarchive, using this brilliant cloud solution you can access both your legacy and current archive data using a single cloud archive system. Users can quickly find and retrieve their email messages and attachments sent and received, no matter if they were archived with the old or new system.

With mycompanyarchive, you will get a secure, compliant, reliable and effective solution for managing all your business communications and company documents. Mobile and web access, and TECH-ARROW’s smart MS Outlook add-in contribute to the ease of use.


Legacy data access solutions & features

Retrieve services

Your employees require a quick solution, ensuring immediate access to the legacy archive data? We offer the simplest solution to access your emails residing in the old and new archive system. Simply connect your legacy system to mycompanyarchiveto read your messages. How, you ask? Our legacy retrieve services help you!




Migration solution

Not satisfied with your current archive? Are you thinking about a long term solution and want to migrate all your data to mycompanyarchive? We are ready to help you! contentGATE manages the migration procedures between more than 20 archive systems! Move your data from O365, on-premise Exchange servers, Metalogix, iQ.Suite and many more!




Smart legacy connection with our retrieve services!

Secure, reliable user access to historical archive data.

Immediate and affordable solution with a single installation procedure, without moving the data.

Browse and search the legacy archive content using contentWEB.

Have crucial data at hand anytime, anywhere, using the native mobile app and MS Outlook integration.





Migrate from legacy system(s) with contentGATE!

We offer a widely approved solution managing migration of more than 20!! archive systems (Metalogix Archive Manager, Enterprise Vault, iQ.Suite Store, MS Exchange and more). Read more here.

Control the full process with the help of migration reports.

We keep a digital fingerprint of every item and ensure that files in the target destination are reconciled against the source.

100% migration including both archive data and shortcuts.