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Access to your key data is crucial.

mycompanyarchive provides you with a lot of handy tools to have access to your archived emails and files all the time. Are you out of office but must access the necessary files immediately? Would you like the latest version of a company document? You have no internet connection and need to verify the contract details you agreed on with the customer? We provide you with the simplest solutions.



Web access

Use contentWEB, the user-friendly WEB-based archive interface of mycompanyarchive, to easily access your company data even from your mobile devices. Search and retrieve archived emails and documents in a matter of seconds. Filter, compress, and recover the desired emails easily and have the necessary information just a few clicks away.


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Mobile access

contentACCESS Mobile is a mobile content access application of mycompanyarchive. It can also be used as a standalone solution providing mobile access to the crucial company information. Keep track with file versions, get the relevant information quickly and easily and also save your valuable time. Have the data available anytime, anywhere, even offline, in reading mode.

contentACCESS Mobile

MS Outlook

With officeGATE, this cool MS Outlook add-in you can handle your local and cloud files, attachments, and emails in your mailbox, without further need to have another application open. Directly in MS Outlook, you have access to the mycompanyarchive. Open, send, and copy the archived information with a few clicks only, directly in your mailbox. Don’t hesitate, try officeGATE!

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contentACCESS Mobile

Get connected using mobile devices. Available for both iOS and Android.

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Quick data access directly from MS Outlook.


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Cool product features

Look at 4 genuine features of TECH-ARROW products that increase your productivity!


Connect – Direct access to essential company IT systems.

Drag&Drop – Upload/download files with a move of the mouse.

Classify – Organize the accounting documents to your file systems, manage MS SharePoint content types and much more!

Efficient – Collaborate on files directly from the mailbox and save up to 40% of your time.


contentACCESS Mobile

Mobility – Have corporate data at hand anywhere, at any time.

Just in time – Always have the latest version of a document available.

User friendly – Provides relevant documents fast and simply from any repository.

No internet no problem! – Documents available also offline in reading mode.


Transparency – Browse both the legacy and current archive data using one interface.

Performance – High speed search capabilities.

E-discovery – Search entire company, department, user mailboxes. Powerful e-discovery for administrators, with quick access for end-users.

File history – Versions to all archived documents are easily trackable.

With mycompanyarchive you extend the functionality of your archive beyond your imagination!


What else do we offer?

TECH-ARROW, the founder and provider of mycompanyarchive, has prepared many handy tools for accessing your archive. Check out their website and look at this video covering everything they do.