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Email and the information within it have become a valuable asset that is key to the operation of most businesses.  With mycompanyarchive, you can manage your data from Exchange Online (and on premises Exchange servers), Office 365, Gmail, Lotus Notes in a secure way. Relieve your mail server from thousands of useless data, retrieve them easily in case of need, and manage permissions to them and reduce the costs of their storing. We offer you an archiving system that provides a perfect method to handle your content.

Whatever email service you are using, wherever you would like keep your archived content (in the cloud or on-premises), whether you would like to use mycompanyarchive for archiving or a private instance of our software – we have a solution for you!


Meet regulatory requirements (GDPR, SEC 17a-4, SOX, HIPAA, etc., ) and corporate policies
Set up retention policies
Keep your emails for up to 10 years
Protect emails from being deleted
Legal hold – protect email content from being changed
Restore items in the mailbox with a single click
Export selected emails or mailboxes into ZIP or PST files


Archive selected mailboxes, groups or the whole organization
Journaling for Office 365! Archive all incoming and outgoing communication
Office 365, G Suite, Lotus Notes and hosted Exchange support
Save space with de-duplication and compression
Ensure the mailbox quota policies with shortcut creation
Automate the archiving processes


Access to the archived content anywhere and at any time
Search live emails, SharePoint, apps and file servers
Web access, mobile app and MS Outlook integration
Extend the functionality of Outlook Online with our Mail App
Export to ZIP and PST
Search MS Office and PDF attachments

Archive features

Be safe!

Journal archive for cloud email.

Defeat ransomware with having safe cloud or on-premises backups.

Documents are encrypted and stored in secured cloud or any storage area of your choice.

Set up retention categories to become GDPR compliant.

Legal hold. Prevent emails from being deleted.


GDPR compliance with mycompanyarchive

We help you with keeping your data safe and having a complete overview of it.

Make it smart!


Don’t pay for hardware and maintenance! Keep it in the cloud!

Minimize the effort! Process documents based on automated rules.

Save space! We have automatic document de-duplication and compression. And of course: shortcuts!

Have an overview of what is happening!

Access your data anywhere, anytime

Native mobile apps, Outlook integration, Outlook Online app, and web access; check them out!

Get connected!

Browse and search archived content with contentWEB.

Have mobile native app support with contentACCESS mobile.

Have an MS Outlook integration using officeGATE. Use our mail app in both local and online versions of your mailbox.

Find out more!

Keep your old archive available

Do you have a legacy email archive? No problem, integrate it into mycompanyarchive!

Request a 1-month trial access and explore all the possibilities